Friday, June 10, 2011

Food Thrower

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone!

With our first two boys, we've encountered of different things, behavior-wise: picky eaters, bed jumpers, nap refusers, diaper blowout-ers, tantrum throwers, bad potty aimers, forgetful flushers, table colorers, booger picker-eaters,..., and of course two wonderful fun-loving little guys.

But with Bab-E Brother, we're up against something completely new: food thrower.

Sure, Big Brother and Little Brother would occasionally throw something, but for Bab-E Brother, it's apparently a sport and he's aiming for a gold medal.

I mean the boy loves to throw his food...

...more than he loves to eat it, methinks.

(This makes Pupp-E very happy, to the point he's been banished from the dinner table.)

I know Bab-E Brother must get some nutrition because he is growing.

But apparently he osmotically sucks the nutrients out of the food when he throws it.

Within 30 seconds of wrestling him into his booster seat sitting down, it's milk overboard, and the rest of the plate is soon to follow.

So we've largely resorted to taking his plate away when that happens. "Hey, you had your chance."

Eventually he'll figure it out.

Fotunately we're sometimes successful if we feed him small bites with a fork from his own plate.

Although his other favorite trick is to take one bite of something and then jam the rest into YOUR mouth, with a great big smile.

Anyone else out there battled with food flingers?

Have a good weekend duck,

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  1. This is a new one. Can't say I have battled with food flingers, but I'm sure you will get it under control quickly. As you said, he will eventually figure it out. (He is a cute food flinger though)