Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Attire

Hello There!

So now that school's out, summer's in full swing around here.

And Little Brother is definitely on board.

These days, he pretty much has one outfit: Swimming Trunks (or Fimming Funks as he calls them. You know, you put on Sum Scream when you wear them).

And nothing else. No shirt. No shoes. No service And no need for underwear, which you probably know by now is totally cool with him.

While this works well on the days we actually plan to go to the pool, at other times it's rather...well...inconvenient.

Last time I checked, shirtless and swimming trucks won't quite cut it for vacation bible school.

Even nap time is not immune. He insists on continuing to wear his swimming trunks, stating "they're more comfortable".

Yes, if by comfortable, you mean it's easy to insist be ready to go to the pool when you wake up from your nap.

At least he's cutting down on his share of the laundry.

So here's to Little Brother, and his wonderful fashion sense.

Happy summer!

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. Ah, summer! There's a sense of freedom to the season and Little Brother has grasped it well. Fimming Funks and Sum Scream, who could ask for more!

  2. I think Little Brother is on to something, and at that age he can get away with it.