Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spike That Fever Punch

Dear Little Brother,

Mom-E and I have a confession.

For much of the past week, you've had a very mild virus.

It hasn't slowed you down too much, but occasionally you've had a fever, which means you're moving just slow enough that we can catch up to you to try and put your pants back on.

But one thing's for sure, you decided that you did NOT need any medicine for said virus.

Even when we told you that your pediatrician (to whom you seem to really look up to) said that you should take some medicine, you refused.

However, Mom-E and I decided you'd be more comfortable with some Tylenol on board.

So for the past week, we've been giving you Crystal Light (which you would drink by the gallon if given unrestricted access), spiked with Tylenol as needed.

And unbeknowst to you, you've done an excellent job taking your medicine...with enthusiasm.

And it's worked, albeit Tylenol + nap = fever breaks and pillow gets a little damp and you wake up mad about that.

Mom-E and I are sorry that we had to be sneaky with you, but sometimes you can be a little bull-headed.

And so can we.

We're glad that you're feeling better, and once again running laps around us.

And we love you (no deception there)

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  1. Well, at least he took it for you. Cara recently had an ear infection and had to take antibiotics. She hates medicines and refuses to take them. I tried the same routine you did with milk and the child noticed the different in anything I tried to put it in. Lets just say that she did not complete the ten day cycle. UGH! Rosi