Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fozrs Day

Hello there.

I'm late (but not pregnant).

And I also owe you a post about Little Brother peeing in his toybox.

And we just got back from an extended weekend vacation, so plenty of new blog material (the trip there is it's own post).

But for now, a belated "Happy Fozrs Day" to all my fellow fozrs out there.

And thanks to Big Brother for this impromptu card that you made for me. It's precious. And it makes up for the tantrum you threw yesterday when we had to abandon our miniature golf game early because Little Brother was utterly exhausted to the point of screaming that he didn't want to play anymore (after begging to play).


But zuch are zee challenges of fozrhood.

Have a good week,
Busy-Dad-E, Fozr of 3 Boyz