Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In addition to voice immodulation, Bab-E Brother also appears to suffer from Danimalism.

What, might you ask, is Danimalism?

It's the compulsion to drink Dannon Danimals yogurt smoothie drinks.

If given unrestricted access, the boy would drink them by the keg.

It's at the point where if the refridgerator is open, he expects to get one, and fusses in protest if he doesn't get one.

If given 3 minutes alone with an open fridge and a straw, he could probably down the entire contents of the package you see pictured above.

Such is the diet of our (almost) 2 year-old, which pretty can be broken down as follows:
52% Danimals, milk, and yogurt
47% Condiments (no joke)
1% Actual food

Okay, not quite that bad, but still...

So Mom-E and I have resorted to deception to deal with Bab-E Brother's Danimalism.

We hide them in our small fridge in our closet, and ration them out accordingly.

Lord help us if he finds their new hiding place.

Perhaps he's just self-medicating for his voice immodulation, to keep his throat from getting dry?
(I know mine would get dry if I sang that loud all the time.)

See you on Fatherhood Friday,

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  1. I'm sitting here with Bab-E on my lap. He pointed to the picture above and said, "YUMMY!" So silly!