Friday, October 14, 2011

Work Incentives

How would you respond if someone proposed you, "Hey, if I let you unclog the hair from the drain in my bathroom sink, then you have to rub my bunions for an hour."

You'd probably be all "Yeah right!", "Uh...NO!", etc. (to put it politely.)

Little Brother apparently didn't get this memo.

You see, Little Brother loves "blue potty". "Blue potty" is the Lysol stuff that we use to clean our toilets. I'm not sure why he has so much fun squirting this into the toilet and swirling it around with a brush, but he does.

(Okay, I'll at least admit that "blue potty" smells STRANGELY MINTY GOOD. Good enough that if guys ever got weird cravings to eat non-food stuff like what happens to pregnant ladies, I'd probably have me some "blue potty".)

So the other day, it was Little Brother's nap time, and he didn't want to stay in his room by himself. "I'm scared. Will you sleep with me?" (This is a recipe for a disaster with domino-like effects.)

Instead, Mom-E proposed to him, "I'll let you use blue potty, but if you do, you have to nap by yourself."

Amazingly, he agreed! And with ENTHUSIASM!

Little does he know that Mom-E suckered him into cleaning his own toilet, and taking a nap by himself, meaning that Mom-E got some precious alone time during the day while both boys slept.

Go Mom-E, FTW!!

Have a good weekend,


  1. That was a very good negotiation!

  2. Last year on his birthday, I asked Little Brother what he wanted to do. The next thing I knew, we were cleaning all of the toilets. Yes, for this third birthday, we cleaned toilets per his request. What a fun little kid!