Thursday, October 6, 2011

Voice Immodulation

One of my favorite SNL sketches is Will Ferrell's character with Voice Immodulation (VI).

"And a little bit softer now. And a little bit softner now."

Although he's not yet 2, it appears that Bab-E Brother may be showing signs of VI, and specifically the LOUD subtype.

He only has one volume: fortissimo!!

When Mom_E comes to pick him up at the gym, EVERYONE knows it from the blaring "Hi, Mom-E!"

When I get home from work, I can hear "Dad-E" before I even get out of the car, not to mention the garage.

(You can just imagine how much fun we have in church.

And of course, in the car, it's trumpets-blaring most of the time.

Here's Bab-E Brother "winding down" in his crib before bed, and by "winding down" I mean that this is a muted version of his usual.


Have a quiet weekend,

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