Friday, October 28, 2011

Pancake Poochie

Bab-E Brother is obsessed with dogs right now.

Just about every other word out of his mouth these days is either "doggie", "puppy", or "ruff ruff".

Even the word "waffle" almost comes out "ruff ruff".

And every animal - from dogs to cats to elephants to zebras to brothers - are all doggies.

And so is the box of Aunt Jemima mix.


Every time he sees that box in the pantry, he points at it and blurts out, "Doggie! Doggie!"

Yeah, it puzzled us, too, for awhile.

My best guess is that our vulture Pupp-E, who literally stalks Bab-E Brother for scraps (or snatches food directly from his hands, them being at the same level), has gotten waffle pieces (or whole waffles) from Bab-E Brother enough times that Bab-E Brother associates the two.

Thanks a lot, you little pancake poochie theif.

At least Bab-E Brother is happy and excited about the idea.

Happy Fatherhood Friday,

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