Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stuffed Animal Love Triangle

Bab-E Brother has created the makings for his very own Jerry Springer episode.

You may remember the stuffed animal love of his life, B, who must never leave his side.

Well, the other weekend, Bab-E Brother cheated on B with Little Brother's Pumpkin Bear (a Build-A-Bear Bear whose only clothes are a Santa suit and a pumpkin suit.

We were driving home from a mini-vacation trip and Little Brother was passed out in the middle of the mini-van. Bab-E Brother was screaming his head off, until he snuggled up with the overstuffed bear who is almost his size.

Suddenly, B found himself relegated to the floor of the mini-van, against the droppings of dirt, tissues, and granola bars.

(Pumpkin Bear found himself stage diving into the same mess, as he's so bulky that Bab-E Brother couldn't hold onto him.)

But apparently, Pumpkin Bear was pretty much a "one mini-van ride stand", because after we got home Bab-E Brother started giving him the cold shoulder, not returning his phone calls, etc.

Instead, Bab-E Brother set his sights on Big Brother's inappropriately named triceratops, Mr. Donkey, who Bab-E Brother sometimes calls "Donkey" and sometimes "Doggy".

Of course, having both a nap time and a bed time allows him to snuggle with each of his sweathearts without the other knowing.

And it also helps that neither animal can talk, lest they find out about each other.

Because if they ever did, the stuffing might start flying.

And then we might need to call Jerry.

Have a good week,

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