Monday, April 16, 2012

Garden: Week 5

Another week, and another garden picture. I’m sure once we get to harvest, it will be neat to go back review these pictures in “rapid fire succession” to see the dramatic change.

I can honestly say in my 3+ years of blogging, that I’ve never given commentary on vegetables before, but hey, why not.

Overall, we’re quite pleased and excited with the growth. Everything is still alive!

And the Sevin that we sprayed on the leaves appears to have taken care of last week’s caterpillar problem.

The corn is just going crazy. Hearty-looking, and lots of it. The fastest growing corn plant (which I think needs a name) is about 18 inches tall!

And the two squash plants are also growing really well, and look very green and lush. I can’t wait to make some squash casserole with the squash from our garden.

It’s hard to see in the picture, but next to the squash we have two very tiny plants that we believe to be green pepper plants. At least that’s what we planted there, and they don’t look like weeds! It’s surprising that it’s taken them quite a bit longer than the other plants to spring up. This will make the boys very happy, since they LOVE LOVE LOVE them some green pepper!

And not to be outdone by the veggies, we have herbs, too! Of course, the chives we transplanted look pretty good. But we also have some clusters of cilantro (one in particular) that are starting to look hearty! Mmm…cilantro (mumbled with a cursory attempt at a Spanish accent)!

In particular this week, I’m also pleased that the carrot tops seem to have really perked up and look heartier than they have in weeks past.

And that brings us to the “class clown” of the garden: the cucumbers. We’re definitely concerned that some of the leaves are looking a little white/yellow and crispy. I’ve read everything from “that’s normal” to “you’re cucumber plants are going to end up burnt and crispy”, so we’ll see. I figure pretty much everything else in the garden is doing well, so hopefully the cucumbers won’t buck this trend, because they’re #1 on Little Brother’s “Most Likely to Eat From the Garden” list.

The boys are still as excited as ever about watering the garden. It’s also one of their favorite pastimes to just go out onto our porch, which overlooks the garden, to “inspect”.

The jury’s still out, however, about what they will and won’t eat when we harvest.

Have a good week.

Happy Patriots' Day!


  1. go go go! We went to looks at trees yesterday to buy...thats a whole different beast!

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  3. OK...trying again. That was me that deleted. Forgot about being signed in on your computer. Gramm-E here. How about "Korn-E" for the tallest corn stalk.