Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where's My Bed?

So after a several-month battle with Little Brother spending most nights sleeping on the floor of Big Brother's room, we opted for compromise:

Big Brother was okay with sharing sleeping quarters with Little Brothers more permanently, so we bought Little Brother a bed to match Big Brother's.

And so now they both sleep in one room, and the "other" room is more play space (and houses Little Brother's clothes.)

Fortunately, Little Brother has been more than enthusiastic about sleeping in his new bed (although he does sleep on top of the covers).

That first night, he made the funniest comment. "My sheets are so comfy and my mattress is so comfy. It's like I'm sleeping in a hotel room!"

No, Little Brother, it's just called "Sleeping in a bed. No need to get a hotel room involved. Most people sleep in beds because they're way more comfortable than the floor."

Big Brother has done well with his new roommate.

The only problem he's had is remembering WHERE his bed is located (we moved it closer to the wall to accommodate Little Brother's bed) after he gets up to go potty (BY HIMSELF! YAY! N-O-C-T-U-R-N-A-L C-O-N-T-I-N-E-N-C-E! GO (IN THE POTTY)!)

So far we've found him in 3 different places:
1. In Little Brother's new bed (with hind end still exposed).
2. The floor in Little Brother's "old" room.
3. And the best one (photo evidence below), was the closet in Little Brother's "old" room.

The funny part about ending up in the closet is that night we had a really severe thunderstorm/wind/hail/etc. The weatherman came on with an advisory to move away from windows. When we went into the boys' room, we couldn't find Big Brother. Apparently, even in his semi-comatose state after going potty, his "Spider Sense" guided him to safety. Way to go (potty)!

Stay tuned for future posts about the boys' new superhero-themed room.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. Love this story! I'm so glad they're such good brothers and roommates. I'm sure it won't be long before they're both sleeping in their beds. Love, aunt-e

  2. I like this story too. Can't wait to see the valance Mom-E is making, and the cool wall hangings. What lucky little boys. Their room is going to be so fun!