Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marathon Mom-E

You may have noticed that I signed Monday’s post “Happy Patriots' Day!”

Why, you might ask, was I so keenly aware of this occasion? That’s because Mom-E and I were in Boston, where Mom-E kicked @$$ despite the near record-setting heat (temps reached the upper 80's) of the Boston Marathon!

I’m so happy for her and proud of her on this tremendous accomplishment! She did great!

It’s been a long road of training, injury, prayer, and healing.

Mom-E qualified for Boston about a year ago. Then, following another (much shorter) race about a month later, she started having some knee problems.

A break from running didn’t help.

Then started the long trail of physical therapy, doctors visits, injections, electrostim treatments, more injections, lots of exercises/ice/foam rolling/ibuprofen, etc., etc., etc.

And still a lot of knee pain with running.

As late as January, Mom-E wasn’t sure whether she’d be able to compete, and potentially even facing the possibility of surgery.

Thankfully, after the combination of all of the above treatments, time, and a lot of prayer, I truly believe that a miracle occurred and God’s will was that her knee would heal.

And it did. And she was able to train. And return to her “running form” rapidly ensued.

Mom-E generally works out during the week at the gym – treadmill, spin classes, lifting, and then does a long run on the weekend.

And by long run, I mean 10 – 20 miles every weekend for about 2 months before race day.

As a result, Saturday mornings are both a nice time for Mom-E to get away from the chaos of home (we admit that it might sound strange that a 20 mile run, with only your music and your thoughts, could be relaxing, but it kinda is for her), and a fun time for the boys and I to hang out.

I’ve watched BeyBlade: Metal Masters every Saturday at 8am for the past few months. It’s fun to hang out, watch some cartoons, play around in pj’s (and not shower until the afternoon).

Besides the race, it was really fun for Mom-E and I to have just a few days for the two of us (we couldn’t remember the last time we’d flown on an airplane without a stroller, diaper bag, and fussy-hungry-thirsty boys.

Many (and BIG!) thanks to Gramm-E and Grampap for hanging out with the boys during our absence. No doubt you’re ready for a vacation now after the chaos of chasing after the boys for a few days!

Again, it’s hard to put into words how proud I am of Mom-E on her accomplishment. And a strong reminder of the power of faith and prayer, that saw her though this.

Race day itself was amazing. By arriving early that morning, I was able to secure a spot in the front row about 2oo yards from the finish (even if it did mean having to stand in one spot for 6 hours - man did I have to pee - but I wouldn't have done it differently for the world).

Of course, there were runners dressed as hamburgers, the American Flag, and Minnie Mouse, and runners in tu-tu's.

But there were also service-men and -women dressed in full fatigues with backpacks, amazing wheelchair and hand-bike racers, and other inspiring stories like Team Hoyt (Google it).

And then there was just the tremendous camaraderie that exists among runners. 300 yards from the finish, I saw a man who’s legs cramped up so badly that he could barely stand anymore. Two fellow runners – apparently complete strangers – took him under their arms and walked with him to the finish. Amazing!

And then there was this guy, pictured below, who collapsed a mere 200 yards from the finish. Unfortunately, he never made it across the finish line, having to be carted away on a golf cart to a medical tent.

Mom-E has many stories about the tremendous support from the race fans, under the extreme conditions. People truly went out of their way to help the runners. Kids wanting to splash runner with buckets of water, and people hosing off the racers with sprinklers. People handing out extra water, Kleenex, ice, sponges dipped in water, extra food, tongue depressors with vaseline for chapped lips, and TONS and TONS of high 5’s and cheers.

And here's Mom-E at the finish (she's the really cute lady in the light pink top on the left)!

The atmosphere was truly Patriotic!

God Bless America!

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. What an amazing story and congratulations to Mom-E. What a wonderful accomplishment! I am so proud! Love, aunt-e

  2. Very proud of Mom-E. Such an accomplishment! I believe that considering the length of time with the injury that prayer is what finally did the trick. So glad you got to experience this Mom-E. I really enjoyed watching your stick figure running on the satellite map and getting texts with updates on your progress. It was an exciting day. Good bonding experience with the boys. Very happy to look after them while you were gone. Really like these photos. Wonderful that two guys stopped to help another man get across the finish line. Feel so sorry for the guy on the ground who never made it across. Wonderful experience all the way around!

  3. Wow! Super Mom-E? I used to run a lot bout haven't in years? Is 48 too old for someone to get back into running? (By several years, I mean before the first child came 26 years ago).
    Stan Reese,
    author of "Relax Dad, It's Just the Kitchen"

  4. I love those pics, it was a nice race event. Congratulations to all the participants for a great job well done and looking forward for more updates.