Sunday, April 22, 2012

Garden: Week 6

Hi there! I hope you had a relaxing weekend.

While we were busy relaxing, our garden was busy growing.

Here's an updated look:

Just look at the difference a week makes:

And to think that in 2 more weeks, we're going to hit the garden with another round of fertilizer!

Now all we need is for some actual vegetables to start growing. The leaves are great and everything, but not very tasty (so I've heard).

Also this week, my work was giving away free "trees" for Earth Day.

I use the word "trees" in quotes because they make Charlie Brown's Christmas tree look pretty bountiful.

But nonetheless, we planted two trees. They have some decent roots, so maybe they'll actually grow. We'll keep you posted on them from time to time.

Dogwood. I know the leaves are brown, but I assure you the tree is alive.

Crepe Myrtle (sans leaves). I know it looks like a stick in the ground, but I also assure you it's alive.

Have a good week,


  1. very cool...we're looking at trees to buy now, although we need something a bit bigger..something that helps block our neighbors view to our yard.

  2. Did Mom-E tell you about the tiny little Charlie-Brown-Like-Pine-Trees that we planted when we were little? Well...they are enormous now! love, aunt-e
    PS Garden looks awesome!