Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garden: Week 7


This week's garden post could've easily been subtitled: "The Leaning Tower of Vegetables"

It's been pretty windy with some heavy rains this week, and for a while, most of the corn was at a 60 degree angle.  But I was able to use some extra soil and "prop things up" (a few times), and finally everything seems vertical again.

So instead, this week's subtitle is "Houston, we have flowers!"

That's right (although hard to see), we have several flowers on our cucumber plants, or as I will think of them, delicious soon-to-be cucumbers.  (I was beginning to wonder if we were actually going to get vegetables, or just nice plants.)

There's also a ton of green blooms on the squash plants.  (There better be, because them suckas like liquid almost as much as the boys.)

And we can also see where the corn is going to form.

Many thanks to Gramm-E, who gifted us with a basil plant that has now been "transplanted" (pun-intended) into 2 basil plants.  Hopefully the carrot plants won't eat them, because they're starting to go wild, too.

We also had to transplant one of the green pepper plants (we now have 3, although it took them a long time to start growing), as one of the cucumber plants started to hog all of the sun, which I understand is bad for photosynthesis.

Oh yeah, and the boys are still having fun watching they're garden grow.

All you have to say is "who wants to water the garden?" and there will be rapid shuffling of feet that rivals the speed of response to "who wants a fruit snack?"

Then Bab-E brother waters for about 2 seconds and declares "your turn".  Followed by Little Brother wanting to water the trees (and not the garden).  And finally there's Big Brother, who makes it part-way outside, only to become engrossed in an imaginary Beyblade battle.  "Oh no, Saggitario!"

Have a good week,

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