Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1-2-3 Chocolate

So last Friday we’re sitting at the dinner table, and Mom-E and I were both craving chocolate.

(If left completely unchecked, Mom-E admits that her diet right now would consist exclusively of
chocolate, with the occasional pizza (or at least some cheese) thrown in. Anyone want to wager
if that’s a diet of a mom pregnant with a girl or a boy?)

And, of course, there’s not a single chip of chocolate in the house.

So, as a joke, I attempted to pull an “I Dream of Genie”, and WILL some chocolate to the dinner
table. (If only we were in the land of Harry Potter.)

I counted aloud, “1…2…3…” sand then squeezed my eyes shut, bobbed my head, and…

No chocolate appeared on the table (much to our chagrin). Rats.

But the boys thought it was really funny.

They immediately started to imitate me, although it was hard for them to control their giggling.

Big Brother particularly enjoyed the eye squeezing and the head-bobbing.

Little Brother decided that the secret to making the chocolate appear was to BITE the table
when you bob your head, although he didn’t fare any better than I.


Fast forward to Sunday. Mom-E had picked up a brownie mix, as a peace offering to Bab-E.

Finally, a chance for Mom-E to get that chocolate fix.

Little Brother enjoyed his chocolate. Still stuck in head-bobbing mode, he proceeded to eat his
brownie without using his hands. (Apparently he’s training for apples at Halloween.)

Big Brother, on the other hand, said he was TOO FULL to eat his brownie (I guess it was the
pound of strawberries plus blueberries he’d polished off before becoming aware that we
had chocolate, too. “I’ll eat it later,” he said.

Gotta run. Time to stop Mom-E from eating Big Brother’s chocolate now that he’s asleep.

Tonight's dinner menu: Triple Chocolate Stew

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. You should've tried twitching your nose :)

  2. Glad everyone finally got their chocolate fix!

  3. Chocolate is the nectar of the gods! Ironically enough when I was pregnant chocolate made me. . . um . . . green. Now, I can eat chocolate anytime, anywhere.
    I'm sorry your "I Dream of Jeannie" didn't work, but it seems like your boys got a big kick out of it.