Sunday, July 12, 2009


Little Brother is feeling much better!

Those of you tuning in last week learned that Little Brother had a rough 4th of July weekend, managing to puke/spew/hurl/mung/throw-up/blow chunks on Mom-E at both the fireworks celebration and at the airport the next day. Thanks to those of you who expressed wishes for a speedy recovery.

You may also recall that I diagnosed him with IPD (Intermittent Puking Disorder), because between episodes, he was pretty much himself.

He went to the pediatrician (okay we took him, it's not like we made him hitch a ride or drive himself) last week. The opinion there was that he either 1) had a mild virus, or 2) sometimes kids at that age just puke a little here and there, and as long as it wasn't frequent/getting worse/lingering/dehydration, not to worry.

I vote that #2 is really IPD, and that's what he had. See, I could've been a pediatrician!

By the beginning of last week, Little Brother was back in full swing.

And any doubts that he wasn't well were erased by his GINORMOUS appetite.

You'd think we never fed the kid. He couldn't get enough milk, waffles, muffins, etc., etc., etc.

It was like in the Goonies when they said, "more amazing than the time you (Chunk) ate your weight in Godfather's Pizza."

Except that Little Brother didn't go for pizza.

Nope, he went straight for the prunes. That's right, PRUNES!

If you drew a graph, with "age" on the x-axis and "love of prunes" on the y-axis, it'd look like this, because both kids and the elderly REALLY LOVE prunes:

Mom-E and I kinda got distracted, and when we came-to, it became apparent that Little Brother had consumed about 12 prunes in one sitting.

All was well with the world, until that one fateful diaper change a few hours later.

"Little Brother has diarrhea!" Big Brother exclaimed, barging in on my privacy in the bathroom.

"Oh no," I thought to myself, "first it was vomiting, now diarrhea. Maybe there's more to this illness than just IPD."

Suddenly, the light bulb went off, and I realized it was just the prunes giving him the scoots.

"He doesn't have diarrhea, Big Brother," I explained. "It's just prunerrhea. It's kinda like the time you ate so many blueberries that your poop turned, well, BLUE (NO JOKE, TRY IT YOURSELF AT HOME, IT WORKS). Little Brother ate so many prunes that it made him poop."

It was like the scene in Mr. Mom when they fed the baby chili.

After about 2 episodes of prunerrhea over a few hours, Little Brother was again back in the swing, feeling cleansed by his prune enema.

Okay, that's enough about toddler body fluids for now.

Have a good week,

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  1. LOL! That's all I have to say about that! LOL! Rosi