Monday, July 20, 2009

Where's Your Butt?

Little Brother has learned to name and point to a new body part.

And NO, it's not what the title of the post suggests (get you mind out of the gutter!)

Nope, he's discovered his belly button.

And what's funny is that he calls it his "BUTT."

And what's even funnier is that he now makes us show our midriffs so that he can touch and point out "Dad-E's butt" or "Mom-E's butt" or "Big Brother's butt."

And what's funniest is that he's very interested in our pupp-E's butt, too.

Apparently, our dog does have a belly button, but it's VERY tiny and neither Mom-E nor I can remember or figure out exactly where it is.

I then made the mistake of telling Little Brother that "Pupp-E doesn't have a butt."

He proceeded to cry scream wail his head off.

I mean we're talking he thought the world was going to end because he flooded it with crocodile tears.

Until I told him, "No, wait, there's his butt" (pointing to his xiphoid--the cartilage below his rib cage--where pupp-E loves to be petted and will lie on his back for hours."

Good recovery, Dad-E.

And then all was right with the world again.

We could hardly contain our laughter.

Gotta love the mind of a toddler. Tis a precious thing.

Here's to my butt, and to yours.

Have a good week, I gotta go pick the lint out of my butt now,


  1. Squirt loves to point out our belly buttons too! After about 6 months it gets a bit annoying...

  2. Oh, kids and body parts. Yes, the belly button is a favorite here even among our 13 month old. She loves to dig her little fingers in there and practically seperate it from the rest of your body. And I just love how dramatic they become when you try to explain that something does not exist. It is quite funny. Thanks for sharing. Rosi

  3. Oh, Dad-E, this is hysterical! It's been so long since I've had a toddler in the house, I forget about these truly funny moments. Now that the memories are coming back, I remember the youngest was fascinated with noses and ears. She called them the proper names though. (And my mind was never in the gutter. LOL)
    You have a great week, too!