Friday, July 31, 2009

On The Move

Happy Fatherhood Friday Everyone!

Big Brother is on the move, but is here to stay. Check it out!

You may remember that Big Brother recently moved out of his room and into the cabinet next to the kitchen sink.

We all thought his kitchen bachelor pad was pretty sweet, but apparently it didn’t have quite enough mystique for Big Brother.

He recently moved out of the cabinet and has now upgraded to the toy box in his room.

Technically, this does not count as Big Brother moving back into his room.

Inspired by a new-found obsession with Batman, Big Brother refers to his new digs as “The Batcave.” (Except when he calls it the 3rd Little Piggy’s house from the 3 Little Pigs, but that’s a post in and of itself).

Apparently, Batman is actually part vampire (at least it looks like a vampire sleeping in a coffin). I’ll let you be the judge.

And, in order to ensure that Little Brother won’t try to move into the Batcave, too, he asked Mom-E to empty tidy up the cabinet next to the kitchen sink so that Little Brother could move in there.

The toys in the toybox are a little upset about being evicted.

Well, maybe it’s Mom-E and Dad-E who are more upset than the toys.

Fortunately, we were reassured by Big Brother. When asked about his toys, he replied, “It’s okay, Dad-E, I’ll just keep the them right there.”

“Oh, you mean in front of your closet blocking your door. Yeah, that’s a great place for them. We’ll only trip over them a few times a day that way.”

I can’t wait to see where he sets up shop next.

Until his next move, have a good weekend,


  1. Next step is that you start parking the car in the driveway and he gets to totally pimp out the garage as a man cave.

  2. This is great! SO cute, and not messy at all hahahaha love aunt-e

  3. My money's on the closet as his next destination should the Batman theme continue.

  4. This is too cute. Hopefully he will continue to give you a forwarding address and you are not having to trace his tracks around the house :D

  5. You need to get that kid a cupboard under the stairs so that he can feel like Harry Potter on his next move :)

  6. My daughter has staked out the real estate in front of my DVD collection as her fort which makes grabbing a movie a bit of an adventure.

    Be sure to tell him that near the TV is off limits!

  7. I'm laughing and I'm not sure why. His toybox does looks vaguely coffin-like. I have a feeling Big Brother will be able to sleep anywhere when he's older.
    Just curious, why doesn't he chose to sleep in his bed?

  8. Yep, looks like a coffin. And BTW- I hate small toys that get under your feet. -Jason

  9. Ah this post takes me back. Except I think my older brother was always sitting on top of the toybox while I was inside.... but I'm not sure, I try to block that part of my life from my memory :)

  10. LOL! Goodness what an imagination children can have. He is too cute. It does look like a coffin. My money is on the closet as his next hideaway.