Friday, July 10, 2009


Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone! Thanks to those of you who came over here from

If you didn't come from, I hope this post makes you want to put on your backpack and hike on over there. Check it out!


Big Brother upgraded to a new backpack over the July 4th weekend.

Big thanks to Great Aunt K, who donned him with the gift (and she is SOOOO smart because she got the EXACT SAME THING for Little Brother. We are indebted to her for her generosity and her foresight, which prevented sibling bickering.)

Big Brother's "old" backpack was a smaller, more toddlery looking Thomas the Train backpack.

As his interest in action figures is growing, Big Brother was VERY EXCITED to upgrade to a bigger, SPIDER MAN backpack (with matching hat and SpongeBob coloring book inside--thanks again, Great Aunt K).

He told us immediately after he got it that, "I have a new backpack because my Thomas backpack was getting kind of old."

"Old" is defined here as about a year and still in good shape.
(Ah, makes me reminisce about getting a new Trapper-Keeper each year for school).

Basically, except for sleep, he's pretty much been wearing it NON-STOP.

This includes:
1. Around the house.
2. At the dinner table.
3. To the bathroom at home.
4. To the bathroom at the grocery store.

And my absolute favorite:
5. While hitting the piñata at the family reunion.

I can honestly say I've never seen a kid hit a piñata while wearing a backpack.

I wasn't sure if he was going to shoot some spider webs out of it to break open the piñata.

You see, he's also decided that the backpack doubles as a special gun to "shoot the bad guys." When he does this it kinda looks like he's trying to toot spider webs out of his back.

And he's very particular about what goes IN the backpack, too.

1. Toys
2. Games
3. Coloring stuff
4. Snacks

1. Any and all clothes
2. Little Brother's shoes.
3. Anything belonging to Little Brother for that matter.

He's quite a sight, especially because the backpack is almost as tall as he is. I'm sure he'll grow into it (if he'd ever eat some protein). Enjoy!

Have a good weekend,


  1. I'll also send a special shout out to Great Aunt K for giving little Cousin a great gift also! Thanks!!!!! I love the backpack on Big Brother cute and fitting since he'll be going to preschool soon. I can't believe it! I also remember the trapper-keepers.....most of my teachers wanted us to have folders, but I always wanted the COOL trapper-keeper! Love, Aunt-E

  2. That is funny! The things kids choose to latch on to is something else. Sounds like he has a fine imagination too.

  3. Ok, Aunt E is doubts there...and the pic is slap kneee funny ...great post!

  4. LOL! Too cute. Kids get so easily fixated in all that they love. Enjoy the new backpack Big Brother and all of its adventures. Rosi

  5. Awwe, cute pic. This Aunt just made some major points with nephews and parents

  6. That makes my day! I remember my oldest always playing GHOSTBUSTERS. Before he had the "real gun" with the pack on his back, he used a backpack and ran around with a styrofoam sword. Haha ohhhh good memories.. esp since he turned 25 yesterday. The best times... these are the BEST times of your lives!! When they are little people!! So good to see you guys. Those boys are beautiful!
    Love, Great Aunt K

  7. We've got a 17 month old and a newborn at the house, so I'm still a bit away from school supplies.

    But yesterday as I strolled through Wal-Mart for work I spent more than a few minutes oogling the trapper keepers and backpacks. If the boys aren't excited about this stuff once it comes time, I will be!

  8. By the time he grows into the'll be old :)

  9. Love the photo! I'm sure he will grow into his backpack and learn to love protein . . . one day. Great Aunt K sounds like a wise and wonderful woman.

  10. Can he fit Little Brother in there? I'd watch out for that one...