Monday, July 27, 2009

Play That Tune

I’m glad you’ve tuned in today.

These days, it’s always fun when we’re riding in the car together as a family.

Big Brother and Little Brother can be like Statler and Waldorf (the two old, bickering codgers from the Muppets) when it comes to their music selections.

Big Brother prefers to listen to either a CD of Christian music, or an audio story CD of the book “A Bad Case of Stripes” by David Shannon.

(As an aside, we highly recommend any books by David Shannon, writer and illustrator. The main character in many of his books, David (himself as a boy), is quite mischevious and we can very much relate to his antics.)

Little Brother counters with his request for “all Raffi all the time.”

And so they argue back and forth.

“I want Jesus.” Or “I want Camilla.” (the main character in the Stripes book.)

“No, I want Raffi.”

We’re still working on taking turns. This is where Mom-E and I usually have to regulate (i.e., keep track of who got to pick the last time.)

When Camilla is playing, Big Brother pretty much refuses to get out of the car. Even if we get home and it’s a bazillion degrees in the garage, he will stay buckled into his car seat until it’s finished.

When Raffi is playing, Little Brother has a small conniption between songs. Afraid that the CD is over (or worse, that we’re going to switch to Camilla), he exclaims “I want more Raffi!” between EVERY song (there’s only about 19 on the CD, so we hear this 18 times).

While the CD’s are enjoyable in small doses, when you get to athe point where you have the lyrics memorized, they get a little tedious.

If you’d like to donate to the “Earplugs for Mom-E and Dad-E fund”, just let me know.

Have a good week,


  1. This is funny! One of my friends takes turns with her girls. One song for mommy, one song for the girls, one song for mommy, etc and so on. Ha ha! Little cousin is too young to ask for music just yet...but it won't be long! Love, Aunt-E

  2. I'm mean, we listen to my music in the car lol. the kids pretty much pick whats on at home so in the car it's daddy's pick.

  3. Even when they get older compromise is the name of the game. It seems the husband and I can agree on mostly anything, the girls, not so much. I don't really like their music and they practically gag when I put on country music.
    Ears plugs are very good things! Just tell me where to send my contribution!