Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feeding Bab-E

Bab-E Brother has reached that magic age where he's able to start eating some table food. We're so tired that we're losing track of time He's growing up so fast.

It's about time, too, because he's definitely interested in what we're doing at the table. So much so that if you're holding him, you have to watch him very closely, because he'll try to grab anything that you have in your hand.

So we recently welcomed him to his high chair.

I forgot how much fun it is to feed a baby.

Thus far, we've only introduced rice cereal with a splash of Mom-E's milk.

While it may sound like yuck, you'd think we're giving him chocolate.

Unlike his soon-to-be partners in crime(-fighting), he LOVES it. Seems like Big Brother and especially Little Brother we're too thrilled about rice cereal.

(Brief pause to pray that he has not inherited the picky eater gene.)

I also forgot how much TIME it takes to feed a baby.

By the time you get the high chair to the table, remove the tray, put Bab-E in the chair, buckle him up, return the tray, wrestle the bib over his head, heat up the food, and then feed it to him--about one grain of rice cereal per bite--it feels like it takes about an hour. Oh yeah, and then you have to "un-do" all of the above when he's finished (of course the actual eating part only takes about 2 minutes).

And despite trying to feed him one grain at a time, between his tongue thrusting, screaming for more in between bites, and grabbing at the spoon to try to feed himself, he still ends up with what appears to be more rice cereal on his face and bib than he gets in his mouth.

In short, feeding a Bab-E is like trying to do laundry in a front-loading washer while the door is wide open, the water is running, and you have to throw the clothes in one piece at a time.

Please pass the mop. And Zout.

In the meantime, I'll have to share with you one of my favorite pictures of Big Brother eating as a baby on Wordless Wednesday.

Until then, have a good week,


  1. I like your comparison to the front loading washer! It is so true about how long it takes. Even though little cousin has come a long say since the rice cereal, he takes forever. It usually isn't a problem since i'm not working anymore, but sometimes when we have to get somewhere, it can be a little frustrating!!!! Love, aunt-e

  2. Drink in and enjoy every second. They are more precious than gold.

  3. Oh those moments are precious. I still remember my girls faces the moment they ate table food. I am so happy for you that he actually loves it! Rosi

  4. Can't wait to see Bab-E brother sitting in the high chair having his rice cereal.