Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Red" Socks

Parenthood has taught me many important things, one of them being:

Your child's reaction to "negative" things is often largely a function of how they are presented.

Or, in modern media lingo: "Spin, baby. Spin."

So a few weeks ago we washed a "hot load" of laundry that included, amongst other things, a kitchen mat. The kitchen mat is a blend of autumnal colors, including some reds.

Well aparently that sucka bleeds like crazy, because a few items--including one of Big Brother's favorite pairs of socks--were included in that load.

I knew he was going to ask--if not have a frank conniption--about his "new" pair of pink socks.

And let me tell you, they were as pink as a tu-tu.

Nevertheless, I opted for the "let's phrase this positively" and tell a blatant lie in plain sight put a little spin on it.

Before he had the chance to react, I said "Hey, Big Brother, check this out. We washed your socks by accident with that kitchen mat, and now you have this COOL new pair of RED socks!"

Someone must've been really watching over us that day, because he bought it--hook, line, and sinker.

And I mean not only did he buy it, he was DEMONSTRABLY EXCITED about this "new" pair of socks. He wanted to wear them that very day.

In fact, they've beccome his ABOSOLUTE FAVORITE pair of socks. Honestly.

Of course, parenthood also teaches you that:


Because when one of my socks was accidentally washed with the above-mentioned kitchen mat, Big Brother exclaimed "Hey, Dad-E, now you have a red sock, too."

That I do. 1 "red" sock.

And I'm pretending to be excited about it, although it's hard.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. Oops....ummmmm....sorry about that, Dad-E. :) If you need me to wash another white sock with the mat so you have a matching set, you just let me know!
    Love, Mom-E

  2. I will tuck this bit of advice away for a time when it is needed. I feel certain that it will come in handy one day soon!! haha Great story! love, aunt-e

  3. hahahaha... that's was good for a morning laugh!

    CY Aunt-E

  4. I love it!! Very smart thinking indeed. Now you better let Mom-E wash the mate to that sock and turn it red for you. You can wear your red socks around the house..