Friday, June 11, 2010

Robin Costume

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone! After you're done fighting crime, be sure to "Pow", "Zap", and "Bam" your way to all of the superhero bloggers over at .

Those of you who tuned in to Wordless Wednesday this week have seen our crimefighting duo and, as promised, here's the story.

As of late, the boys interest in dress-up/Halloween has been in full swing.

Last year, the boys went as Batman and Batman.

While Big Brother's costume still fits pretty well, Little Brother's growth spurt means that the legs of his Batman costume are now high-waters that come to his mid-calf and this resulted in a large number of screaming fits.

Subsequently, our Dynamic Duo got it into their heads that Little Brother needed a Robin costume.

The arms of Mom-E and I were eventually twisted such that we decided to get Little Brother said costume. (It's really cute when he would ask, "Can I have a Wobin Costume, pwease?")

Unfortunately, given that it's May/June, not a single store in town had such a costume in stock.

But we were able to order one online.

And the boys had a field day waiting for it to arrive.

Every morning, there was the inquisition: "Is my Wobin costume coming today?"

And one afternoon, the boys saw the mail truck circulating in the neighborhood. Apparently, they got REALLY escited, thinking that the costume was coming, and then REALLY sad/confused when it didn't.

The evening before the costume arrived, the doorbell rang.

Instantly, the house was filled with small children screaming, "My Wobin Costume", and shortly thereafter filled with faces of dejection when it turned out to be a replacement coffee pot for Mom-E (I'd accidentally broken hers while washing dishes the other evening).

The next day, we were out all evening for a family activity. Being so excited about the pending arrival of his costume Little Brother had not napped, and so he fell asleep on the way home.

3 hours later, around midnight, just as Mom-E and Dad-E were about to go to bed, he woke up screaming. While this usually takes about 20-30 minutes to get him calmed down, he quickly spotted the Robin costume next to his bed. After a short trial run of wearing the costume, he was satisfied enough to go back to bed.

(Amazingly, he didn't want to sleep in it.)

However, since then, the boys have hardly taken off their costumes, what, with all the bad guys roaming around.

We're sleeping much better at night knowing that we have the Dynamic Duo looking out for us.

Have a good weekend,


  1. The boys wearing the costumes all the time sure must cut down on the laundry. That's a win!

  2. @WM: Unfortunately not, as they insist on wearing regular clothes underneath the costumes, which are pretty sheer.

  3. Its nice to see that boys play dress up too. My girls love it! They are too adorable. Rosi

  4. They are so cute and spirited! I love how big brother was so excited for little brother's costume so they could be a team! love, aunt-e

  5. haha too cute how excited they got for the costume. well, i think i would sleep well, too, knowing i have two crime fighters at my disposal. :o) i have an ff up, too, believe it or not. it's been awhile lol

  6. I love putting on costumes too. So I understand the excitement.

  7. I think it's great you have TWO crime fighters living under your roof, and the Dynamic Duo yet! :) How cute they are in their excitement!