Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kids Say Friday

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone! Be sure to check out what the great bloggers over at have to say.

This has been a Bus-E-er week here, so today I just wanted to share something that came out the mouth of Big Brother that was just too funny to pass up.

Last evening the family all got together, and Aunt-E was chatting with Big Brother.

She asked him--HYPOTHETICALLY--if Mom-E and Dad-E had another bab-e that was a girl, what would some good names be?

(Just like to confirm that we are NOT pregnant, nor thinking about that right now. I'll admit that some days the thought of "going for 4"--eventually--has crossed our minds.

Somedays this thought is appealing. Other days it makes us consider running away screaming like Atreyu at the Magic Mirror Gate in the Neverending Story)


Yes, you heard right, PUSH OUT. It made giving birth sound like a malfunctioning push pop. I was waiting for Bill Cosby to pop out from around the corner.

I'm not exactly sure how/where his precocious little mind heard and assimilated that one. We've talked about how each of the boys grew inside Mom-E's belly, and must've used the term "pushed out" when he asked something along the lines of "what does 'be born' mean?"

Sorry, pal, but someday you'll come to learn that whether Mom-E pushes out a boy or a girl is solely dependent on whether Dad-E donated an X or a Y. That one's all on me.

What are your kids saying these days?

Have a good weekend,


  1. Just tell him that Mommy hasn't figured out how to grow a girl. That's what I would go with.
    I posted the other day about my 10 year old thought I was shaving Mr. Weasels back.

  2. That's just hilarious! I love reading kiddie quips...outta the mouths of babes.

    Our girls (17 months old) aren't doing much talking yet, but I was rather proud when Baby A announced "BABY!!!" at the top of her lungs while I ate lunch with a couple of friends at my favorite Mexican dive yesterday. We were sitting by the window, and she saw someone leaving with an infant. Even though it was loud, she was right on. HA!

  3. I think I'm responsible for the "pushing out" phrase. The day you and Mom-E brought Bab-E Brother home, Mom-E was napping and I was playing batman with Big Brother. He was asking me some very pointed questions about how babies make their entrance since there is "no door." I used that phrase in my limited explanation to him. I guess he ran with it.

  4. Yes, big brother was really cracking me up last night! He is just so funny all the time! Love, aunt-e

  5. I was laughing because I sometimes forget how funny little kids can be. Sometimes I miss the verbal salvos little kids can throw out. Mine are 16 and 19 and don't really funny sayings anymore.

  6. LOL! That is funny. Kaitlyn prayed for a new baby the other day and the morning after asked where the baby was.....I had to explain that God decides when the babies come. They are at such a fun age. I did not appreciate that she got all excited though when she saw me in my undergarments the other day and was happy to announce to everyone later on that there was a baby in my belly. When I asked her why she said that she said because it was getting bigger. Thanks kiddo. And I thought I was losing some weight....LOL! Rosi