Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Bab-E Brother's development seems to have made one of those quantum jumps that kids do periodically.

You know, one day they're still crawling, and the next day they've suddenly figured out how to swing from ceiling fans while shooting Nerf darts at you.

Okay, that's more of a quantum leap than jump.

Nonetheless, in his 3+ walking months, Bab-E Brother has become quite nimble.

Don't let his short, fat little baby legs fool 'ya; the boy can motor (and make messes) like grease lightning.

And one of his most favorite things to do when he motors is stand on the hearth right at the very edge is to play ball.

If there's a ball to be found, he'll find it.

And even if it's not a ball, he still calls it a ball.

(Hey, when your two favorite words are ball and ma-ma, lots of things are referred to as a ball, except for Dad-E, who is also called ma-ma.)

The other day, Bab-E Brother made "the face".

You know, the "if you lose at rock-paper-scissors, you might be diving into a toxic waste dump" face.

But the cool part was that when he was done, he pointed to his diaper and said "ball". (Actually, he was correct, it was a ball.)

Mom-E and I--in a strange way--were excited, mostly because he recognized the need for a diaper change and communicated this to us.

And it hasn't been a one-hit wonder. Several times in a row now, he's communicated this to us.

Way to go, Bab-E Brother! We won't complain if you want to start potty training before you're 2.

Unless you point to your diaper and say "water".

See you on Fatherhood Friday,

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  1. I have to say Congratulations! to Bab-E Brother. Good going little guy!

    As for him wanting to start potty training before he's 2, well, I hope the odds are with you and him. :)