Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pre-Nup or Puppy Love?

The other day Big Brother and I were talking about Iron Man (you know, the real important stuff).

Out of the blue, I posed the following question:
“If you had an Iron Man suit, where’s the first place you’d fly?”

Expecting him to say something like “the beach” or “Egypt”, I was dumbfounded when
he said, sans hesitation, “To KidNee’s Oldest Daughter’s House.”

Oh dear.

You may remember that our family is good friends with Kid-Nee and his wonderful family.

They have 3 daughters, roughly comparable in ages to our boys, and the kids all LOVE to play together.

Well apparently, that same night as our Iron Man discussion, KidNee’s Oldest Daughter said, at dinner, “Big Brother is very handsome, and when I get older he can marry me.”

How sweet!

Her father didn’t think so.

In an email exchange, his response to the “pending nuptial” was “Shoot me!”

“Bang.” I replied.

But hey, if they wanted, all 6 of our kids could get married in a giant family wedding, and save everyone some $$$$.

I’ll admit that if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on the two of them having at least 1 date before they graduate from high school, but rest assured, there will be no pressure from Mom-E or I to do so.

But if they do, Big Brother should probably wear the Iron Man suit, in case Kid-Nee is armed when he comes to the door.

Have a good week,


  1. LOL! I think Dad-E you would feel much different if you had a daughter. Its amazing how its so different between having a girl and a boy. Anthony is only 3 months old and I can tell my attitude being different with him. Rosi

  2. I can understand her father's remarks. I remember being freaked out when my youngest was in second grade and told me she was in love with this boy and was going to marry him. I don't think I made an intelligent sound for many, many minutes, gagging on my words.