Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Favorite Things

Hello there!

Hope you had a happy Mother's Day!

During a brief moment today at lunch, during which Little Brother was the only child still remaining at the table, I asked him, out of the blue, "So what are your favorite things in the entire world?"

I'll give you his answers, unedited, but potentially with comments, a la Letterman.

10. Walls (huh?)

9. Stairs (double huh?)

8. (Swimming) Pool (Okay here we go. Check!)

7. Switch (the light kind, not the old-fashioned punishment kind)

6. Fan (don't wanna be hot)

5. House (shelter is a basic need)

4. Pee (is this really a favorite thing, or does he have to go potty)

3. Pants and underwear (you wouldn't know that from his rope outfit)

2. Shirts

And Little Brother's #1 favorite thing:




1. Poop! (When you have 3 boys, all conversations degrade to poop at some point.)

Notable snubs by the selection committee include food, toys, sibilings, Dad-E, and ... Mom-E

Have a good week,
Hope you made your child's Mother's Day Top 10,

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