Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello there!

April was a hectic month of travel for us. May, by contrast, has brought us a hectic month at home.

Apparently, April showers did not bring May flowers, but instead brought "May-Nia."

This past Saturday was a good example. (And also the fact that I've been trying to write this post since Sunday.)

The morning started off with a fun Mother-Son event at Big Brother's school. They enjoyed games, hula-hoops (with which Big Brother apparently has mad skills), and a parting gift of a boomerang. Yes, a boomerang.


(At least it wasn't a slingshot. But you know the school officials must sit around and plot means of subtle torture for parents. "Hmm...let's give an entire group of elementary school boys boomerangs.")

Does that boomerang come with an extra $25,000 of homeowner's insurance?

Anyway, the mother son event overlapped with the FIRST, yes first, birthday party of the day.

So while Big Brother was perfecting his wrist-flick with his boomerang, Little Brother, Bab-E Brother, and I headed to the birthday party at the indoor jumping facility.

Bab-E Brother was overwhelmed by all the wild, screaming shenanigans, and was content to have me carry him around. Little Brother, on the other hand, was content to do "back flips off the high dive" on the inflatable jumps and slides.

Big Brother and Mom-E arrived in time for cake and presents, a perfect lunch to recharge after a morning workout of hula hoops and boomerangs.

By 1pm, everyone was sugared-up, tired, and hungry for actual lunch, so we did the only logical thing as parents.

Mom-E and I "switched". She took Little Brother and Bab-E Brother home, while Big Brother and I drove to the SECOND birthday party of the day.

Big Brother had a blast with his classmates, playing on an inflatable water slide and shooting water at anyone who dared draw near them.

To my amazement, the party was still raging at 4pm, with the children showing absolutely no signs of fatigue.

(Perhaps the second round of cake provided the necessary energy burst.)

With Mom-E texting me with inquiries about "we're hanging in there, but when are you coming home?", I knew it was time to go on a reconnaissance mission to the water slide.

Fortunately I keep a spare horse tranquilizer and blowgun in the truck Big Brother was pretty willing to get dressed and wrap things up, either because he was freezing cold, or his blood sugar was crashing from the cake.

And, of course, pretty much no naps for any of the boys that day. Because apparently the more you tire out your children, the less likely they are to sleep.

We actually had an opportunity to attend ANOTHER birthday party on Sunday, but instead opted to stay home.

Still, I'm impressed with Big Brother's social calendar: a school event an two birthday parties in one day. I don't think I've been invited to that many parties all year.

Oh well, we had a great time. And I enjoy--and think it's important--watching him interact with his peers outside of school.

If you're in the market for a gift for Mom-E and I, you could get us personalized chauffeur's hats.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. Oh, the driving the little ones to their every social events begins. LOL! Rosi

  2. The life of parents of non-driving children is a very, very busy one. I still have one non-driving child, even though she's 17. We still put on the chauffeur's hat for her. The other one has been driving since she was 16, almost four years now. Mostly I have to check the family calendar to see where she's at. Seriously, I hope you enjoy this time with Big Brother, Little Brother and Bab-E Brother. It goes so fast!