Friday, May 6, 2011


When it comes to fashion, Little Brother has his own style.

Let's just say that the boy doesn't lack for self-confidence.

He could wear a long-sleeve black shirt with blue shorts and two mismatched socks, and so long as they're comfy, he's as cool as the cat's pajamas.

Or he could wear nothing at all, and project the same air of self-confidence.

Such was the case earlier this week.

After returning from some outdoor play, Little Brother was apparently "hot", because they no sooner got inside, than Mom-E turned around to find him wearing only the "rope" (aka shoelace) from the Melissa & Doug "Learn to Tie Your Shoe".

I kid you not. The boy was content to frolick around the house "wearing" only a rope.

It reminded me of Steve Martin's youngest son in Parenthood, who was wearing only a cowboy hat and holster.

(Changed to a picture of Cowboy Gil, because this blog is rated G-PG (Good-Pretty Good?))

To which Mom-E replied, "Little Brother, the guy is coming to fix the AC soon, and you need to be wearing more than a rope!"

(I think that one makes the list of "Top 10 things I never thought I'd say before I have kids").

Amazingly, Little Brother was fully clothed shortly thereafter.

But in a fitting end to the story, the boys had Gymnastics later that evening. When I went to help Little Brother out of the minivan, I couldn't help but notice the same rope/shoelace was still tied around his waist.

He'd never removed it; just put clothes on over the rope.

I hope his gymastics coach didn't see the rope, lest he wonder if we parent like Mike Myers' mom in the SNL sketch with Nicole Kidman.

"My mother says harnesses are cruel." "My mother says they're very necessary."

Oh my Little Fasionista.

Have a good weekend,

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