Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bab-E With One Left Shoe

I'm sure glad that I'm writing down all these little details as I think about them, because no doubt if I didn’t, I’d forget them.

After a long, hard day of chasing small men around, it’s always quite relaxing to take your shoes off, and prop up your feet. Same goes for long trips in the car.

Apparently Bab-E Brother only got half of the message.

It’s pointless to put shoes on the boy if he’s getting into the car.

Because almost instantly he takes them off.

But only the right one.

Yep, the boy will ride in the car for miles wearing only his left shoe.

We have no idea what gives.

It just doesn’t sound right to say, “Yep, I love to kick back, take my right shoe off, and prop up that right foot.”

Perhaps he’s confusing this with part of the Hokey-Pokey?

And what makes it even funnier is that he does the same thing when he gets angry – that right shoe (only) is taken off and thrown on the floor in disgust.

I can’t wait until he can talk well enough that we can figure out what’s going on.

Have a good week,
Keep you shoes on (or off, or both),

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  1. My son takes both his shoes off immediately upon entering the car...these little details are exactly what I love about blogging, too.