Friday, July 29, 2011

Life Lessons Sinking In

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I feel like I'm eyeballs deep in work these days.

And when things get more hectic, I try to do a few things to offset the craz-e-ness.

I continue to exercise, even if it means wanting to smash the alarm clock getting up earlier than I'd like.

I look forward to the moments at the end of the day when Mom-E and I can sit down and laugh together even if we fall asleep on the couch 30 seconds after sitting down about the wild jungle that is our household.

I write this blog.

I leave for work a hair later than I should, if that means an opportunity to sit down and have breakfast with the boys, and maybe even play a round or two of War before I head out.

And such was the case this morning that I enjoyed breakfast with the boys.

As I was getting their food together while they sat around the table, I heard the following conversation:

"Big Brother, what do you want to be when you grow up?" started Little Brother.

"An artist," he replied. "What about you?"

"A builder."

"That's great. You know, you can be anything you want."


Little Brother then turns to me and asks, "Dad-E, how was your day yesterday?"

I love it when the boys asks that - and sitting down at the table for dinner has become synonymous with that question.

It's also synonymous with yelling ("That's gross!"), screaming, playing with toys, running away from the table, going potty, and feeding Pupp-E.

But those two phrases - "You can be anything you want." and asking "How was your day?" - are some of the core ideals that Mom-E and I have tried to instill in the boys.

And apparently they've been listening to those phrases at least, can't say that about everything.

So now matter how bus-e and craz-e it gets, today is a good day.

Have a good weekend,

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