Thursday, July 21, 2011

One More Thing Before I Go To Bed

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It seems like lately I've been writing a lot about some of my boys' indelible little behaviors.

And today is no different (mostly because I'm tired and couldn't think of anything else).

In contrast to times past, I'm thankful that overall the boys are pretty easy to put to bed.

Every now again, about 10 minutes after we've said our last "goodnight", just when we think everyone's asleep, Little Brother will calmly walk out of his room, say something absolutely hysterically random, turn around, close his door, and go straight back to bed, never to be heard from again until morning.

He doesn't even wait for you to respond before he heads back into his room.

The other day I told Mom-E we need to write these down before we forget them.

Here are the only two I can remember my two favorites.

Again, remember, picture a tired toddler coming out of his room and blurting out:

1. "Dad-E, I want to have my birthday party at home."

(Thanks, buddy, I'll try to remember that 8 months from now when it's actually your birthday.)

2. "Mom-E, wouldn't it be silly if we had a trash can in our minivan."

(That's funny coming from a 3 year-old who otherwise appears to think that the entire floor of the minivan is his personal trash can.)

Have a good weekend,

I don't know what I want for Christmas yet.



  1. Thanks for the "shout out". Luckily I'll be done shopping by September so I will set aside some Busy Dad-E money :)

    Love CY Aunt-E


    I hope little brother says something silly at bedtime tomorrow when I'm there.

  2. Hysterical, really! Ours does something similar...CALLING out, from her bed...silly stuff...followed with "nite" then...bamm, passed out! LOL!

    Happy FF!

  3. This is cute. Please do start writing down his bedtime pronouncements. Can't wait to hear some more.