Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Forearm Lickin' Good

KFC’s slogan is “Finger-Lickin’ Good”.

When it comes to Bab-E Brother and eating, if it’s only “Finger-Lickin’ Good”, then you might as well feed it to the dog.

Because when Bab-E Brother is into his food, he licks and smears it over his ENTIRE FOREARM.

I guess to spread-out the flavor and to be able to savor it longer.

It’s quite the interesting show.

Give the boy some yogurt, or a waffle with homemade blueberry jam, or a peanut butter cracker, and after he takes a bite, he proceeds to smear the residual on his lips across his entire forearm.

And he could care less about the resultant mess on his arm.

But get ONE SINGLE drop of yogurt, blueberry, or peanut butter on his hand, and he’ll be screaming for a wipe, and he’ll exceed his 500 napkin limit in about 60 seconds.

Too funny.

And while I’m dissertating on the peculiar eating habits of one Bab-E Brother, my other favorite is that when it comes to hand-held foods, the boy finishes NOTHING.

When he gets down to about the last bite or two, right when he’s eaten down to his fingers, he’s done.

And by done I mean that he SCREAMS at you to take what’s left in his hand.

Apparently he really does not want to lick his fingers or get them dirty, in contrast to the all-out assault on his forearm.

But unlike his older brothers, the boy eats some meat (current favorite is Turkey meatballs).

So you know what, go ahead and smear it all over your arm. Paint with it on your placemat even.

We’re just glad you’re eating.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,
Now go lick your forearm,


  1. That is so funny. I have not witnessed this yet so will have to pay more attention next time. You go Baby Brother....turkey meatballs sound really good to me right now too. Tell Mom-E I want some.

  2. Amen! My son likes to smear food in his hair (which I find disgusting) but you're right, at least he's a good eater! have a good weekend!