Thursday, July 14, 2011

Like Kryptonite for Robin

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Recently, we've chronicled Little Brother's obsession with wearing his Robin costume (part I and part II). Go ahead and catch up if you need to. We'll wait.

Great. Glad you're back.

And today will be the third (and hopefully final) installment of this saga. (Because well, you know, by the time you get to the third post/film in a series, your audience is often wishing you stopped after the first.)

Mom-E and are pleased to say we serendipitously found an antidote, dare I say "kryptonite", for the Robin costume: liquid.

Just as one drop of pee in his underwear causes Little Brother to strip from below the waist, one drop of liquid causes the Robin costume to come off immediately.

(We figured this out the other evening when a little chocky juice dribbled onto his sleeve at dinner.)

Yep, who knew that Robin is more cat than bird, "afraid" of water. (At least he didn't melt like the Wicket Witch of the West.)

Now, I'm not saying that Mom-E now carries a syringe of water around in her purse (tempting though it may be).

But at least we know if we really need him to take of the costume lest he melt from heat exhaustion, all we need is a sprinkle of liquid.

And in keeping up with the theme, I now realize that we know the weaknesses of all of our superheroes.

As detailed earlier this week, Bab-E Brother's powers are zapped by dirty hands.

And Big Brother is immobilized by a smelly dog. (Makes him run away screaming like the Magic Mirror Gate in the Neverending Story.)

Which leads me to think that Pupp-E is actually kryptonite for all three of our little superheroes.

In one fell swoop, he can come inside, wet, dirty, and stinky. The "stinky" knocks out Big Brother, he gets Little Brother "wet", putting him out of commission, and when Bab-E Brother pets him, his hands get "dirty" and he's immobilized, too.

I knew there was some reason we kept that dog around.

Have a good weekend,


  1. Hmm, had not thought of that...and we have TWO dogs LOL

    Another great post with super tips!

    Happy Fatherhood Friday!

  2. Too Funny!!! To bad our dog can't do no wrong and our Super Hero suit consists of rain boots,swim trunks and a polo. I'm thinking his funky boots after a day of no socks and 99 degree temp may have your dog beat...LOL!!