Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Big Brother's Christmas Watch

Okay, okay, so it's mid-January and I'm still posting about Christmas.

But hey, lots to write, and not a huge amount of time to write it, so please bear with me.

Nowadays, Big Brother does pretty well with telling time. Which means he likes to tell time all day long, and ask accompanying questions.

"Is it 7:37?"


"How long until my bus gets here?"

"23 minutes."

"Wow, that's like 100 years."

"Not exactly."

120 seconds pass.

"Is it 7:39"


"How long until my bus gets here now?"

You get the idea.

And so, to prevent small men from making a huge racket at 4:30am and waking up the house, we asked the boys - namely Big Brother as the ringleader - to please wait until the clock said 7:__am before waking up Mom-E and Dad-E on Christmas.

Big Brother has a watch that was a kid's meal prize that he loves to wear, so of course he put it on right away.

(He likes to wear it in the tightest notch, even though I would swear that it turns his hand purpule, or at least leaves a mark on his wrist like when Belzig burns the impression of the headpiece to the Staff of Ra in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.)

And so from about 8 - 8:30pm, Big Brother asked me what time it was and when Santa was coming.

"After you've been asleep for a long time!"

Finally, I was able to escape further questioning (so I thought).

But low and behold at about 9pm, Big Brother comes out of his room and said,

"Dad-E, it's 9 o'clock! How come Santa hasn't been here yet?"

"It's too early," I explained.

Admittedly, I was worried that the pattern would continue, but Big Brother fell asleep (perhaps exhausted with excitement), and all 3 boys stayed asleep all night. Even when I took his watch off to keep it from amputating his arm!

And amazingly, our "wake-up call" did not come until after 7am!

Sleep is a good thing.

I need some.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,

P.S. Oh yeah, and Happy Bloggiversary to me. Just remembered that this site is now 3. (I'm glad the terrible 2's are over.) Cheers!

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  1. Happy Bloggiversary to you!! And I think it's wonderful you are teaching BB to tell time at a young age. I wasn't taught and one afternoon my PE teacher in 4th grade asked me to run into the classroom to see what time it was and I ran and then stood there frozen with tears running down my face until she came in so see why I was taking so long. She made it her personal project to see that I 'got it' :)