Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Say the Word "Girl"

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Long-time readers may remember that Little Brother has a very peculiar way of mispronouncing the word "girl" that admittedly makes Mom-E and I smile and chuckle.

For quite some time, I've typed his pronounciation as "grirl".

But recently I decided that this doesn't quite do justice to the number of syllables he seems to work into this word (think Annie Lennox singing "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This", where This comes out something like Thy - e - e - is)

And so with quite a bit of practice (and lip contortion) I figured out what I believe to be the best attempt to replicate him.

Just say these words - out loud, quickly - in order, and by the end you'll have it.




GWARREL ("girl")


Speaking of "gwarrels", Big Brother treated us to this instant classic comment the other day.

His music teacher played some songs and asked the students to listen and guess if the singer was male or female, adult or child.

He said, "There was one I thought was a girl, but the teacher said it was Justin Bieber."

Have a good weekend,
Be good boys and gwarrels,

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