Thursday, January 19, 2012

Potty, Interrupted

A light begins to shine at the end of the diaper tunnel.

Bab-E Brother has begun to show some interest in the "big boy potty".

Oh, the thought of having no children in diapers again makes the hearts of Mom-E and I go ... well ... ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.

A few times now, Bab-E Brother has been in the bathroom and exclaimed, "Poo-poo! Poo-poo!"

(The only problem for us is that he refers to both #1 and #2 and anyone with whom he is displeased, for that matter, as poo-poo.)

He does like the Elmo potty seat. And he's willing to de-diaper and sit on it for 0.01 milliseconds briefly before getting uncomfortable and wanting off the throne.

But the other day yielded our most interesting attempt to date.

We were in the bathroom brushing teeth before bed, and again Bab-E Brother exclaimed "Poo-poo!"

But he didn't want to sit on the Elmo potty seat. No, he had to pee and wanted to stand like his brothers.

Problem #1 - Too short to reach above the lip of the potty.

Solution - Step-stool! Check!

Problem #2 - Does not want to lift the lid. Instead would prefer to try to aim through both the regular and Elmo potty seats. Hey, whaddya expect, he's a boy. It's hard enough to get Big and Little Brother to lift the lid.

Solution - Big and Little Brother, who fortunately both had to go right then, demonstrate the lid lift. Check!

This elicited MAJOR curiosity from Bab-E Brother, who literally bent his head down between the two of them, almost kissing the potty, to inspect the resulting "streams". Fortunately, he was not sprayed. But it was still pretty funny.

Problem #3 - Not sure how to make the pipes flow once standing on step-stool with lid lifted.

Solution - Turn the faucet on gently. Put some water in a cup and pour it into the potty.

Unfortunately, this one back-fired, as Bab-E Brother found this to be a fun game, and became more interested in dumping water into the potty.

But at least he did stand there for a bit ... and then proceeded to sneak off into the corner and pee on the bathtub.

Nonetheless, a victory in the right direction (other than the direction of his pee) worthy of praise and high 5's.

That said, experience has taught me that while this newfound interest certainly is exciting and bodes well for future prospects, I know we still have some time to go (PUN INTENDED!)

I hope the same "holds" true for Bab-E Brother and his bladder.

Have a good weekend, GO FOR IT!

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  1. We're headed toward the same stage with my son, so thanks for the tips. Here's to a diaperless future soon!