Friday, March 19, 2010

Brotherhood of the Traveling Underwear

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I'd just like to say, for the record, that I've never seen "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".

Any resemblance of this post to said film is strictly coincidental.

Little Brother is going through a spat of the Terrible 2's right now, although for him they should be renamed the Pantsless 2's.

The kid just does NOT want to wear clothes. He's content to go around in a jammy shirt and underwear all day long, and throws a fit at the mere thought of having to wear...REGULAR...CLOTHES...AHH!!!!

And it's not just ONE jammy shirt and pair of skivvies. No, he likes to change them every 5 minutes because "They hurt me." or "They're too tight." or "The tag."

And by "change" I mean empty out the entire contents of his dresser drawer on the floor.

He goes through jammies and undies faster than Phyllis Diller went through husbands, being more fickle than a middle school girl.

So the other night, Little Brother woke up screaming at about 11pm because he was "hungie." (I love it when he says "Dad-E, I hungie.")

(Note to self: no nap during day + picky eater = inconsolable hungie at night.)

Somewhere between the chocky juice and apples, Little Brother decided he needed a new pair of underwear.

(Which he calls "Ere-wear", pronounced like "I need new air-ware.")

So we get him a new pair of ere-wear, and finally get him to bed.

The next morning, the boys wake up and start their morning breakfast and cartoons routine.

Suddenly, Big Brother screams out, "Hey! Little Brother is wearing my underwear! Take them off of him and put them in the dryer!" (They were already dry, I promise.)


It was an honest mistake from a Dad-E who was too tired the night before to realize the goof.

Now sure, with 3 boys, Little Brother does get a fair amount of hand-me-downs, but there's certainly enough clean (which Little Brother calls "keen"), new ere-wear to go around.

Fortunately, brief visions of Big Brother tackling Little Brother to rescue his ere-wear didn't come to fruition.

Amazingly, Little Brother voluntarily gave them back. (After all, he can ALWAYS pull another pair off of the floor out of the drawer.)

"Here you go, Big Brother," he said, without hesitation. "You need your ere-wear? You wear big boy ere-wear?"

Like he was holding the poopiest Bab-E diaper ever, Big Brother promptly passes the ere-wear to "put in the dryer."

Little Brother, I'm sorry. The next time you're hungie, I'll make sure I give you keen, new ere-wear, though I might opt to put the old pair in the washer first.

Have a good weekend,


  1. My daughter is 4 and the minute she gets home, she goes to the potty (that's my girl!) and comes out stark naked. My wife says she used to do the same thing, so I am hoping it is a phase.

  2. This is too funny. Hopefully everyone is wearing the correct ere-wear today and that everyone remembers to fill their bellies before going to bed. Love, aunt-e

  3. Oh dear...this is very funny. The case of the mixed up, all over the floor, on the wrong body in the middle of the night big boy ere-wear. I am assuming Big Brother wanted his ere-wear in the washer before the dryer.....

  4. Well, at least he will wear something. Cara likes to go all nude...its a fashion statement because she will most certainly put on her shoes. LOL! I am hoping that in the next few months before the age of two she will start to outgrow this phase. It won't be so cute after a certain age. Rosi

  5. That is awesome, I love the two year old words that you get but others have no idea what they are saying. My 2 yo is talking a bunch but he needs his translator close to be understood

  6. My daughters grandmother for some reason likes to buy clothes for our kid two sizes to big. Which is fine except when it comes to underwear. So the kid tries them on an I said, "those look like granny panties". Next time she goes over to the grandparents she says,"Gram why did you give me your underwear". Kid's, always an adventure.

  7. I hope that you don't choose your own underwear in the dark. Although that could lead to an hysterical post.

  8. Love that the dryer is the means to clean the ere-ware! So cute.

  9. @O'Shea: I'm glad we at least keep underwear on.

    @Aunt-E: You have lots to look forward to.

    @Gramm-E: No, he just wanted it in the dryer.

    @Rosi: We've found that it persists beyond age 2.

    @EdathomeDad: Hence the popularity of "Kids say the darndest things."

    @SAHD PDX: Yeah, it's always funny how you can understand exactly what your kid is saying, while outsiders need the interpreter.

    @WM: No, I prefer light when picking out my ere-wear.

    @Seashore Subjects: If only laundry were that easy.