Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nail Clipping

There are few certainties with children.

One is that you love them even when they're jumping on your last nerve and you'd love them more if they were asleep

Another is that they will do things that just don't make sense.

Of all of the things I'd expect to make my boys run screaming for the hills--for us, this includes things like wearing pants (and any non-jammy clothes, bor that matter)--this one does not:

Clipping their nails, fingers and toes.

It probably helps that I do this right after bathtime, when their nails are nice and soft.

It also probably helps that getting your nails trimmed means a few minutes of undivided attention with Dad-E (which is a challenge when juggling 3 boys).

But to my amazement, they just sit there and let me hold their limbs as I clip away.

Apparently they got my "neatly trimmed nails feel good" gene.

Gotta love parenthood--nothing like it to keep you on your toes, err toenails (and fingernails, too).

Nothing surprises me anymore.

Have a good week,


  1. LOL! Cara is fascinated with it too when she has nothing important to do. Rosi

  2. You are lucky. I have to ply mine (girl) with nail polish most of the time, otherwise she is just too busy for me!

  3. THat is awesome! Clipping nails was one of my least favorite activities as a new mom. Now I don't hate it so much and my little guy is a little more cooperative, but probably not quite as happy about it as your boys. Love, aunt-e

  4. I think they like the undivided attention. The only time Madaghan sits still for more than a minute is when she is getting her nails done.

  5. Yep...probably the undivided attention and conversation with Dad-E time.

  6. My girls hated nail clipping time. They were afraid. I guess they didn't get the "neatly clipped nails feels good" gene. :) I think the boys really love the one on one time with Dad-E. It's wonderful when you get your parent all to yourself!

  7. @Rosi: Glad that's an easy task for you, too.

    @Seashore Subjects: Hopefully that will change for you.

    @Aunt-E: Little Cousin may come to like it, too.

    @Gramm-E: I agree

    @SM: Yes, and with 3, that 1:1 time is even more precious.

  8. @O'Shea: Yep, they definitely like the attention.