Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Words and Hands

Bab-E Brother is really starting to develop into his own person.

He has really started chatting it up with us, particularly on the changing pad.

My new favorite word is "Ga", which he spits out when he's happy.

Big Brother's former pediatrician used to say that age 2 months is "The Golden Age of Babies." The more children we have, the more I agree.

Bab-E Brother is just so happy most of the time. Beams ear to ear with smiles. Jerks his limbs around when he's happy. Content to be carried around a lot.
Basically, just plain happy.

He's also just starting to figure out that his hands double as a pretty nice pacifier. Plus you can't drop them on the floor.

I love that phase--where they figure out that their hands are attached. Too cool.
You can see that look in his face. "Hey, I have these hand things. These suckers are useful."

Okay, so that's probably not exactly what he's thinking. It's probably more like "MUST...SUCK...ON...SOMETHING."

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. LOL! I love that age too. There is something about them that brings a smile to anyone who is near. Rosi

  2. I agree with you and Rosi. New beginnings and discoveries. I cannot wait to see him on Sat!!

  3. What a cutie! I love that phase and I so glad he has found those hands! GIve him a kiss for me! love, aunt-e

  4. Oh this age is a wonderful one. They are just balls of wonder and joy.

  5. @Rosi: Agreed. You can't help but smile.

    @Gramm-E: We're looking forward to you coming, too.

    @Aunt-E: Consider him kissed.

    @WM: That they are, for sure.

  6. I miss the discovery phase. Oh wait..diapers..nevermind...I'm over it. :-)

  7. I love this phase where they discover new hands, or feet or toes. The look on their faces is priceless. It used to make me laugh and go awwwwwe at the same time. I also remember have great "conversations" with my girls at this age when they were on the changing table. Do Big Brother and Little Brother talk with Bab-E brother, too?

  8. @O'Shea: We're hoping to have only one in diapers soon.

    @SM: I love the changing pad conversations. Yes, the older brothers will try to engage him in conversation, often by moving his lower lip up and down and talking for him.