Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Dinner to Remember

So this past weekend we enjoyed a cozy dinner in our new house--our first meal there.

Mind you we haven't actually moved in yet, and so there wasn't any furniture either.

That's because of a "little" water damage that occurred just days before closing.

However, the builders have still been great about everything.

In order to help us keep the stellar interest rate we'd locked-in, we closed last week, and the builder is paying the interest until we move in next weekend.

We were also able to get "permission" to move some clothes into closets this past weekend.

And so we loaded up the minivan, picked up some dinner, and headed over to the new house.

Slightly chilly and wearing jackets, we enjoyed some Subway on the floor of our back porch. (Couldn't even eat inside because of the first coat of sealant on the floors.)

Big Brother and Little Brother sipped chocolate juice and picked at chips as they tooled around the porch.

Mom-E held sleeping Bab-E Brother while trying not to drip sweet onion chicken teryaki on him.

I enjoyed the bag of pretzels I packed for myself, knowing that Big Brother would eat the chips that came with my combo.

Not the fanciest meal, but definitely a memorable way to "break-in" the new house.

Have a good week,


  1. It sounds like a meal to remember! I hope all goes well with your move next weekend!

  2. What a fun meal to break in the new house! I can't wait to see your new place! Love, aunt-e

  3. Definitely a sweet moment together to remember. Enjoy your new home! Rosi

  4. Good idea for a picnic. Looking forward to helping with your move. I am SO EXCITED about getting away from work and doing something different, and seeing the boys, and helping you and Mom-E put things away etc etc. Thank you so much for buying a bed for the guest bedroom. We were always fine on our air mattress, but this is a treat!!

  5. @Surprised Mom: Thanks!

    @Aunt-E: We're looking forward to you guys visiting!

    @Rosi: Thanks, we will.

    @Gramm-E: And we appreciate all that you and Grampap-E will do to help us with this move.

  6. Who says that wasn't fancy? I say that is going to be a dinner you'll remember forever. Fancy enough for me.

  7. @O'Shea: We'll definitely always remember this dinner as a special one.