Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sneaky Sneakerson

So the other day, Mom-E is picking up Big Brother from school, and she finds him in the hallway playing with another boy.

Both boys kinda have their hand on the same toy.

Mom-E starts to scratch her head with one of those, "That looks familiar," kind of scratches.

"Oh, Big Brother has one of those toys," the lightbulb finally goes off.

Then Big Brother proceeds to stuff the toy into his backpack.

"Wait a minute. That's his toy," the lightbulb turns into a flashing siren.

Turns out this isn't the first time this has happened.

Apparently Big Brother has made it a habit of periodically hiding small toys in his backpack to bring to school to show/share with his friends.

Such a boy thing to do. And, of course, such a violation of school rules (I assume).

Mom-E thought she had put a stop to this some time ago, but apparently not.

I can remember tucking the occasional toy into my bag, during my school days.

I can also remember other kids bringing Nintendo games to school. "WHY?" I can remember thinking (other than for the attention). I'd hope that most schools are Nintendo-free.

Anyway, this little event made for a cute story.

Looks like it's time to initiate daily periodic, before he walks into school random searches of Big Brother's backpack, the little sneaky sneakerson.

Have a good week,


  1. Well, school is a place where you have "show and tell" isn't it! :) When I did searches of my girls' backpacks the things I would find in there would amaze me. I stopped awhile ago. I couldn't take it anymore. :D

  2. That is funny. I'm always amazed when your boys do some things because its like it hadn't hit me that they are old enough to think of that kind of thing. I remember other kids sneaking toys when I was a kid too. As long as it isn't anything that even resembles a toy gun, at least there won't be long term damage. I hear there are pretty big consequences even if you think about a toy gun in school...crazy days. Love, aunt-e

  3. Yep. I am afraid it even happens with girls. Youngest was so proud the other day that she had kept a littlest pet in her pocket all day at school that she couldn't resist showing me. At least they aren't allowed backpacks, so I can just frisk her on the way out the door!

  4. Busted Big Brother!!

  5. Big Brother is busted...bad boys bad boys whatca gonna doooo?

  6. @Surprised Mom: I'm sure we'll only continue to find more interesting stuff.

    @Seashore Subjects: Yes, it's definitely a kid thing.

    @Aunt-E: You have a lot to look forward to. :)

    @Gramm-E: Gotta love their "guilty as charged" expressions.

    @O'Shea: watcha gonna doo when they come for you. At the end of your day do you have any interest in watching cops?