Thursday, March 11, 2010

Routine Schmootine

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So lately over here at Busy-Dad-E, the family and I are struggling to keep any semblance of a routine. Between work, the (slight) unpredictability of having a Bab-E, boys who won't eat and then wake up at night screaming with the munchies, having our house on the market with a new realtor, packing and moving to a new house in less than two weeks, there is a palpable tension at times that makes me afraid we could all spontaneously combust.

In short, it's pretty much chaos.

And so, to keep myself from going over the edge for a little comic relief, let me share with you a few snippets of life at our house these days.

-Our house is so full of boxes, that although there actually IS a path to walk through it, I'm fully expecting the film crew from the show Hoarders to knock on the door any day now.

-Piles of boxes and boxes stacked throughout the house are an indoor jungle gym for 2 and 5 year-olds. Like moths to a flame, they cannot resist the temptation, and can take down the boxes faster than you can tape them up.

-Whatever toy you put in a box suddenly becomes THE MOST INTERESTING, IMPORTANT ITEM to a child, even if they haven't looked at or played with it in years.

-Big Brother and Little Brother, but moreso Little Brother, have suddenly had this fascination with pulling their shirts over their heads, a la Cornholio

And so the other night, tired of trying to wrestle them into the bed, I decided to "join them." I pulled my shirt over my head, started spouting out, "I am Cornholio. I need tp. I no need hall-pass." Low-and-behold, like Lemmings, they followed me straight into their room.

-Mom-E and I have been "burning the candle at both ends", frequently staying up until 1-2am (and then getting up at 6:30 or so), to work on packing. Often times, one of us has the energy to stay up, and the other falls asleep. When one of us tries to wake the other up, funny things happen:

The other night, Mom-E fell asleep on the couch around 9:30 (having been up past 1am for about 3 nights in a row). Around 11:30, Bab-E Brother awoke in a screaming fit of hunger. I brought him to her and said, "Mom-E, Bab-E wants to eat." She sat up on the couch pretty quickly and proceeded to just stare at me for a few moments. Meanwhile, I'm standing in front of her holding a screaming 2 month old. Finally, Mom-E says, "What are you doing? What do you want?"

"Uh, I was hoping you could feed the screaming life-form I'm holding in front of you, dear, since I kinda can't."

On that note, have a good weekend and get some sleep,


  1. You certainly have a nice juggle going on at the Bus-E house and sleep deprivation does ugly things to our brains.

    I hope goes smoothly and that you all get some much needed sleep soon.

  2. Dear Lord! I thought my Mr.Hanky reference was bad. Cornholio takes the cake! ROCK ON!

  3. Oh goodness, it sounds like Mom-E and you are VERY sleep deprived. I would like to write you an Rx for eight hours of uninterrupted sleep!
    Love, aunt-e

  4. I hate to have a laugh at the expense of Mom-E, but that was really funny! I hope you both can get some rest real soon! Rosi

  5. Sweet semi controlled chaos :)

  6. I can't imagine how stressful it is!! Well, I can. We moved last October and it was a nightmare!

  7. Love how the kids immediately followed you once you gave in and became their shirt-headed leader. Nice ingenuity, Cornholio!

  8. @WM: Yeah, we're a little tired of juggling.

    @JH2D: Glad you liked the Cornholio reference.

    @Aunt-E: Such prescriptions exist only in fantasy.

    @Rosi: I think Mom-E was still asleep when she waas talking to me.

    @Gramm-E: 24/7/365!

    @James: That's the most challenging and most fun (at least one of them, anyway) part of parenthood.

    @Ben: My favorite part of moving is when it's done!

  9. Two month olds are tough, moving is tough, no sleep is tough, but putting them all together is darn near impossible. Bravo for keeping it somewhat sane in this temporary chaos and kuddos for the cornholio bedtime method, I will try that next time.

  10. Sleep deprivaton is a bad thing, that lead us to do some funny things. Witness Mom-E's question and your answer (which, by the way, had me laughing). Ah, yes, the packing and unpacking of "the most important toy in the world." It's fun, isn't it. I hope the move goes quickly and without mishap, your house sells quickly and for top dollar and you and Mom-E get well deserved sleep. Now, go pull your shirt over your head. LOL

  11. P.S.

    Mom-E's specialness when she wakes... that runs in the family. At least I got it for sure...

    CY Aunt-E