Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Post Date Night Party

So we survived our move sans major catastrophe. More details to follow on Fatherhood Friday.

We have been very fortunate the past few days to have had the assistance--and extra hands--of Gramm-E and Grampap. We've unpacked in a matter of days what would've taken Mom-E and I at least a month by ourselves.

No doubt Gramm-E and Grampap will return home this week exhausted by all of the chaos at our house. And that's not even counting moving. :) Still, they were too tired to say "No" kind enough to have a "date" with the boys so that Mom-E and I could have a date ourselves.

We should go out on more dates, but for various reasons, Mom-E and I have been too tired chosen not to do so. Before this week, our last date was before Bab-E Brother was born, and before that our anniversary, and I can't think of any other dates in 2009.

So I can summarize our date in 2 words:
Quiet dinner
Pomegranate martini
Grilled seafood
Chocolate brownie
Ice cream
Clogged arteries

Okay, so I summarized in 2 word phrases.

I'm hungry.


Okay, I'm back.

Needless to say, we enjoyed a nice evening together without someone having to pee, the dog whining to go outside, and a load of delicate "needs-to-be-folded-right-now-or-it-will-be-wrinkled-forever" laundry finishing right at the moment the food is done, and without anyone running away from the table 5 seconds after we sit down to put on pj's and color the walls with purple crayon.

So we get home, and not having had a mixed drink in quite a while + chronic post-move fatigue = I fell asleep shortly thereafter in my clothes without even brushing my teeth.

Fortunately, real life was there to wake me up.

Big Brother yelled for me about 3:30am because his jammies were wet. This is actually a sign of progress, as plenty of times he could sleep in a swimming pool without waking up.

He did a good job changing with only minor assistance. I tucked him in, and we had a few laughs before he went back to sleep. This was particularly nice, given that we found out he cried before going to bed because we weren't there, and refused to brush his teeth for Grampap, because "My dad will do that when he gets home!"

Then sometime around 5am, Bab-E Brother screamed out in hunger, moving having put a monkey wrench in his "sleeping through the night" streak. Mom-E graciously took care of this one.

At about 6am, it was Little Brother's turn to scream. Apparently he also needed to announce that the move has interfered with schedule. He decided that he was "hungie" and wanted to go "upstairs" (we haven't figured out upstairs and downstairs yet.)

I've no sooner prepared a snack of chocolate milk and apples (while holding him), that I can't help but notice a strange wet sensation on my shirt...and boxers.

"I went pee pee on Dad-E. He got wet. He needs a shower." he somberly announced to Mom-E, thanks to an overflowing diaper.

Little Brother proceeds to start screaming about needing a new diaper and being wet. This, in turn, wakes up Bab-E Brother again.

You get the idea. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And all of this before 7am.

Fortunately, the relaxed feeling from the martini from our date was ongoing, and so I was able to take this morning in stride with a little more comedic laughter than frustration.

However, methinks Mom-E and I may need to go out on a date a little more frequently. Anyone available to have a "date" with the boys?

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. ahhh date night. Laurie and I try to go out every other Friday depending on my work schedule and the babysitter's social life. But every now and again, the planets align and we get to go out and enjoy a nice quite dinner. To bad you guys did not live closer, you could come to our bar and have some mix drinks or beer...come by anytime.

  2. I'm so glad Little Brother announced that he wet on you. I'm sure you wouldn't have known otherwise. :) Oh, wait, you did feel that sensation of moisture before his announcement. I'm glad you could laugh at it all. It sounds like a heck of a night/morning.

    BTW, the grandparents deserve a very nice gift for babysitting the grandkids while you went out. They sound like great people!

  3. I'm all for more date nights! I love date night! Yes the grandparents are great..they also watch little cousin for us! I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful evening! Love, aunt-e

  4. I'll have a date with the boys. Just drop them off on your way out.

    Thanks for all the smiles this induced.

  5. Happy to hear you both got a deserved night out. Fortunately, the reality of life always awaits, but I am sure you would not trade it for anything. Rosi

  6. I loved the paragraph about the usual chain of events that takes place the moment dinner is ready. I fixed lunch for Mom-E and I the other day and the moment we were about to sit down and eat, Bab-E brother started crying because he wanted to eat, and Little Brother announced that he had made a deposit in his diaper and needed a new one. We had to laugh. Grampap and I were happy to be able to spend a few days with all of you and to help out. The date night was well deserved for you and a long time coming. I also vote for more frequent date nights!!!!

  7. @O'Shea: We'll have to take you up on that should we be in town.

    @SM: Laughter = primary survival skill. We bought a new bedroom suite for the guest bedroom before the grandparents came, which was kind of a present for them.

    @Aunt-E: You can watch the boys for us anytime. :)

    @WM: Glad to be a smile-inducer.

    @Rosi: Yep, wouldn't trade it for a thing.

    @Gramm-E: I'm glad you got to experience the "chain of events" firsthand.

  8. It sounds like you could use a date a week or maybe even two. Glad you at least got a partial night off.

  9. @Otter: I'd even settle for once a month.